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Poison Locket Silver Pendant ~ Blue Andean Opal

Poison Locket Silver Pendant ~ Blue Andean Opal

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CHAKRA : Throat and Heart


height: 27mm

width: 17mm

Blue Andean Opal is here to transform your frayed emotions into those of calmness and peace

Allow her to connect you to higher spiritual realms and insights

Being blue she is wonderful for communication, speaking our truths and communicating everything you want to say in a clear and mindful way

Metaphysically healing for insomnia, stress easing and relaxing the physical body

~ Poison Lockets or Pillbox Lockets have been used since the 16th Century in Europe.

They were used to conceal and then slip either poison or another drug substance easily into an enemies drink or food. I don’t condone this behaviour in our day and age, please!

You may use your locket to carry small keepsakes, lockets of hair, written notes, manifestations or even small crystal chips of protection.

This style is not machine perfection, as they are hand made by our Silversmith, so please don’t buy if you don’t like rustic style jewellery.

This design feature a darker patina finish (oxidisation) it is NOT tarnish! 

Genuine .925 Sterling silver 

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