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Pyrite Red Quartz Cluster

Pyrite Red Quartz Cluster

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CHAKRA: Root,  Solar Plexus and Crown 

ELEMENT: Fire and Earth 

weight: 239gms

height: 45mm

width: 97mm

The power of 3 fantastic crystals being Pyrite, Hematite & Quartz 

Pyrite is also known as Fools Gold as it's actually found near real gold often....

Pyrite may be bright gold, duller or even have a silvery tone to its appearance

Pyrite is a protective energy and shielding stone. Carry a piece to reflect harm and danger away from your aura or keep a piece in your home surrounds. Useful if you are travelling away from home

Pyrite provides a psychic guard against ongoing control or manipulation from overpowering people in your life

Place some in your home or business place and the Vibes will create more vitality in the atmosphere. It overcomes mental fatigue due to stress or lethargy

Metaphysically it will aid the nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity and alertness

Healing energies for colds, flu or viral attacks , healthy digestion and anemia 

This also holds the energy of Quartz which is the master of the crystal world 

The red colour is naturally occurring due to the added Hematite inclusions

Hematite brings pain relief, grounding and balance to our physical body

Quartz helps us ascend to the higher spiritual realms and it is all healing

Quartz is easily programmed making it ideal for beginners! 

Clusters bring balance and stability to their surrounding area

They add positivity and help absorb negative energy from their surrounds

Energise yourself by holding a cluster in your palm for 5 to 10 minutes each day, and feel the difference! 

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