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Reiki Stones set of 4 ~ Iolite

Reiki Stones set of 4 ~ Iolite

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CHAKRA: Third Eye & Throat


Iolite is a beautiful stone also known as Water Sapphire

It is used as a protection amulet for travellers to return home safely

Keep one if family members have high expectations of you

It will help you express your gifts and lifestyle independently 

Brings perspective to people who may feel cursed or lead hectic lives

Metaphysically healing for eyesight, migraines, headaches and easing insomnia and nightmares

These palm stones are etched with reiki universal symbols, please note they won’t be perfect! Reiki symbols used are : 

Cho Ku Rei ~ protection and illumination of yourself and increase or decrease in power 

Sei Hei ki ~ Harmony and emotional healing , like removing past traumas 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen ~ distance symbol used by masters when sending healing remotely 

Dai Ko Myo ~ the master symbol that represents all of reiki and enlightenment. This symbol is effective only when used by attuned masters. 



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