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Ruby In Matrix Tumble Stones

Ruby In Matrix Tumble Stones

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Ruby is a stone of passion, fire, beauty and life experience

It encourages love, creativity and renews relationships with intense energy

Ruby is a precious gem which is held with high regard in many cultures

Ruby increases energy levels, brings vitality and detoxifies our system

It brings sensuality and high sexual energy and overcomes any sexual dysfunction

A stone of manifestation, wealth and positivity

Use to bring prophetic dreams and recall and banish nightmares

Use to maintain happy family connections by gifting one to relatives wherever they are

Matrix in crystals is basically a material of igneous rock, which the crystal and smaller grains embed into and continue their growth

It is metaphysically healing for sexual problems, fertility and lethargy, it increases strength and stamina

 She also helps circulation, menstruation issues and menopause symptoms

You receive one Tumble stone chosen intuitively for you Each is uniquely beautiful 

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