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Scolecite Tumble Stones

Scolecite Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Crown

This is a peaceful tranquil crystal that brings energies to all that hold and touch it

This is heaven sent if you suffer insomnia and need peaceful sleep

Often used by healers and to send absent healing to those needed

This is a wonderful stone used in White Magick rituals

Magicak Aspect ~ Use at bedtime by holding in your palm for lucid dreaming, awarness, and past life dreaming recall

If you suffer from panic attacks in open places carry this with you, for reassuring energy

Metaphysically healing for circulation, nervous system and increasing mobility

Tumble Stones are perfect sized to carry everywhere, these are wonderful to place under your pillow for restful sleeping

Tumbles are also used in healing by placing in your bra or pocket, this skin contact is beneficial and allows us to connect with the crystal vibes 

You receive 1 Tumble stone chosen intuitively for you


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