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Cowrie Shell Silver Ring

Cowrie Shell Silver Ring

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CHAKRA: Sacral


This gorgeous ring is a fixed size 8/8.5 and is not adjustable

Embrace your inner mermaid with a little shell energy in jewellery form! 🐚 

This pretty shell represents our Divine Feminine energy and sexuality.

Yes, if you look you will easily see this pretty shell closely resembles our sacred Yoni.

These shells are wonderful to wear or place in your bedroom or your spiritual Altar when not being worn.

Cowrie shells are symbolic of feminine energy, fertility, rebirth and our menstrual moon cycles. The ocean is deeply affected by tides which closely follow our Grandmother Moon Phases.

Whether you feel like a Magickal Mermaid or a sensual Goddess these Cowrie Shells will empower you….

Metaphysically healing for moving stagnancy, renewing energy and for promoting self confidence and body love and acceptance.

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

Clean with a damp towel of silver polishing cloth, do not wet

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