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Orange Garnet Raw Silver ~ Happiness

Orange Garnet Raw Silver ~ Happiness

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus

Height: 45mm

Width: 20mm

This variety of orange garnet (Spessartine) has a stunning Fire tone and is fantastic for sparking your inner desires!!! 🔥

Garnet is a stone of fertility and sexual potency

Symbolic of protection, healing and warmth

This variety of garnet has beautiful green inclusions within each stone

It redirects anger from inwards and sends it into the Universe and away from ourselves harmlessly

It raises our Sacral energies and rises it through our chakra centres. It is full of vitality and rids us of stress

Metaphysically healing for pain, useful in childbirth, menstruation, fertility and libido boosting

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver with raw Orange Garnet

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