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Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

weight: 49gms

height: 27mm

width: 57mm

This unique crystal is wonderful for bonding families together and keeping in your home if you renovate or change homes, it helps transition and settlement

The more little crystals growing on each Quartz , the more powerful the piece will be

Spirit Quartz that has many little growths, is used as a Fertility Charm and is believed to assist with fertility or difficult preganancies

This type of Spirt Quartz is Lavender/Amethyst and activates our higher chakras

Use it for spiritual growth and enlightenment

This stone has energies of fire, passion and creativity

Magical Aspect ~ Use when sending distant healing or keep a piece centred in a room during mediumship development

Beneficial for skin related issues like allergic reactions, cysts or growth

Metaphysically Healing for detoxing our system and clearing energy blockages. 

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