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Agate Stalactite Silver Ring

Agate Stalactite Silver Ring

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This beautiful ring is a fixed size 6 and is not adjustable

Agate brings protective energies to their families. It is a stone that balances our Yin/yang energies.

Agate stabilises our Aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Agate brings courage, strength and confidence and eases our fears

It has grounding and earthy energies and brings positivity to our homes

Agates are powerful cleansers of all our Chakras and bring courage

Use it to protect from lower spirit energies 

~ Stalactite are a rarer crystal formation and take multiple years to form…

They form at the roof beginning of a cave with a single drop of mineral water, once fallen it and leaves a thin ring of Calcite behind…

As those minerals continue to drip, those beautiful rings continue to form and the most beautiful flower like patterns begin to appear before our very eyes!

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver with semi-polished Stalacite  

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