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STRESS LESS Healing Pouch ©️

STRESS LESS Healing Pouch ©️

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CHAKRA: Root, Heart, Throat

I have created these healing pouches based on my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification. These pouches are designed to help us by engaging our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. These all form together and create our persona.

Crystal healing works by restoring balance on our etheric body before the illness manifests further. The Etheric body is a duplicate of our physical body and radiates around 4 inches above and is a higher vibration.

The etheric appears as a fine grey mist and does not filter bad or good vibes. This is when crystal healing is used to remove the blocks and restore healthy flow.

I recommend you leave these stones on or around your body for at least 15- 20 minutes to allow their energies to take effect. Crystals can become more powerful when used repeatedly for the same purpose.

This combination of stones work together to create mindfulness, calm, and soothing vibes for our emotional thought patterns.

Daily life, family, career, finances can all cause stress at some point of our lives. These crystal energies may not solve our problem, but they will create a more level mindset and allow us to remain calm. Stress is a negative energy that can really disrupt our Chakras. Keep this pouch close, during those stressful times....

PICTURE JASPER ~This stone is great for encouraging initiative and to bring you confidence and creative vision. Use for healing strength to overcome an addiction by holding and focusing on the banding patterns

GREEN FUCHSITE ~  Fuchsite increases the energies of other crystals and is wonderful for healing layouts. It is a stone to bring harmony to your home and surrounds.

Use during meditation to increase your connection to Mother Earth energies. Restores equilibrium, emotional wellbeing and encourages your willpower to fight back after illness or a life setback

GREEN ONYX ~ Wearing or carrying onyx on will bring grounding energies. Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and brings balance

It deflects harmful or evil energies away from you. It offers protection against negative people and gives you a positive outlook on life

MOOKAITE ~ Is an Australian Jasper with strong connections to Mother Earth and grounding energies. It is great for staying grounded and boosts our motivation, vitality and energy

Place these under your pillow, bedside table or under your mattress for healing energies 

Pop them in your pocket, purse or bra for crystal energies wherever you may be

Remember to always cleanse the energy vibes absorbed by your stones after each use

You may use white sage, palo santo smudging or singing bowls to do so or you preferred method

Place them in the Sun for an hour or so inside or outside to recharge for next use

This keeps them happy, cleansed and ready to programme for next healing



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