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Tarot Therapy ~ Harness the healing power of the deck

Tarot Therapy ~ Harness the healing power of the deck

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Learn how to use the wisdom of tarot to bring connection and purpose to your life.

Tarot Therapy is the ultimate book for anyone wanting to transform their life. Revealing the power of the Tarot and exploring the characters and influence of each card on your every day, this is a practical toolkit for understanding your life more fully.

Established tarot therapist, Leona Nichole Black, guides readers through every aspect of our lives - from love and our relationships with others to our careers and social impact - Tarot Therapy is a reflective guide to help you understand your power to make new choices at any given time.



Including personalised prompts, meditations and tarot spreads, Tarot Therapy will also empower you to:



Read the map of your life's journey


Hear the wisdom of your inner-voice


Take time to heal and grow


Make life-changing decisions


Reveal your talents to the world

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