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Thyroid/Hashimoto’s Healing Pouch

Thyroid/Hashimoto’s Healing Pouch

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CHAKRA: Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus

I have created these healing pouches based on my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification. These pouches are designed to help us by engaging our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. These all form together and create our persona.

Crystal healing works by restoring balance on our etheric body before the illness manifests further. The Etheric body is a duplicate of our physical body and radiates around 4 inches above and is a higher vibration.

The etheric appears as a fine grey mist and does not filter bad or good vibes. This is when crystal healing is used to remove the blocks and restore healthy flow.

I recommend you leave these stones on or around your body for at least 15- 20 minutes to allow their energies to take effect. Crystals can become more powerful when used repeatedly for the same purpose.

These combination of crystals help support our Thyroid Health. I receive many questions about crystals to help support Thyroid & Auto immune symptoms.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease last June 2022 after a year of constant monitoring and blood tests. It has been quite the curve ball for me! The effects of feeling auto immune flares is not pleasant and it disrupts our daily life. It also caused me to develop rapid deafness, which resulted in me needing Hearing aids!

I’ve lost half my scalp hair which has totally devastated me! I’ve cut it shorter to disguise the sparseness and often wear hair extensions to add some length and thickness. I have experienced flare ups of fatigue that left me in bed for hours during the day and feeling brain fogs. I know how it feels for you. However, I don’t dwell on the negatives as that doesn’t help. I stay positive, raise my vibration and look after myself using Reiki Healing, self love, crystals and by eating healthy foods & of course taking that magic pill at the same time each day! Stay happy my friends, you got this!

I have chosen these crystals as personally I find them soothing, clearing and energising. Blue stones also help our nervous system deal with stress, blood pressure and body inflammation. I do also wear bracelets in these tumble stones during the day as needed.

LAPIS LAZULI ~ she is going to help our body Inflammation

A beautiful stone that forms friendships and deep communication

It brings truth and harmony and forms long lasting relationships and brings calming vibes

Use as a protection stone in grids or around your home when placed in 4 corners

Lapis is great to manifest and use in magic rituals, used during meditation it increases energies

Use to connect with higher spirit guides and increase your intuition

Lapis teaches spiritual love and compassion and helps us realise what's important to us

Metaphysically healing for headaches, migraines, reducing pain and inflammation within the nervous system. Soothing support for Thyroid conditions.

DUMORTIERITE ~ she is going to keep us feeling positive

Dumortierite is a beautiful deep denim blue crystal that is linked with the planet Uranus,  as the planet and the crystal both represent change that may come in unexpected ways and forms

It is a stone of patience and brings insight and personal spiritual growth

Emotionally good to release anger or negative vibes you may be holding onto. Used during anger management it provides healing energies to release any baggage you have pent up

Use to keep a positive and fresh outlook, if the odds seem against you

Perfect if you are obsessive, have addictions, or suffer anxiety and depression.  It will soothe and calm with its energies

It is a crystal helpful in relationships, communication with pets and during meditation it will help communication with your guides, angels and higher realms

Metaphysically healing for Tourette syndrome, fevers, thyroid issues/Hashimoto’s, headaches and cramping

BLUE QUARTZ ~ she is going to soothe our Thyroid & boost immunity

Blue Quartz has all the qualities of clear quartz and more

It is a calming and soothing stone that protects us from any negativity

It is good for psychic ability and healing emotional issues

Metaphysically healing for our immune system and boosting it, nausea, thyroid issues and helping fatigue

Blue coloured crystals open and soothe our Throat Chakra for communication

They also bring a cooling energy to our bodies and some types have antiseptic qualities, that are wonderful for sore throats and fevers

NEW JADE ~ she is going to help our hair & hormonal balance

New Jade is a stone for the heart, fertility, and relieving anxiety

It has all over cleansing and detoxifying vibrations to bring wellbeing

Carrying or wearing Jade brings balance and positive Chi flow

Jade brings longevity and happiness to our life

Use it to raise your inner Kundalini energies

Metaphysically healing for hormonal mood swings, nails, hair and balance

Hold before bedtime to bring dream recall and relieve anxieties that may keep you awake

Jade is a stone held in high regard and royalty since ancient times In Eastern cultures

Jade is considered to bring lasting love, health, wealth and abundance to your life

CITRINE ~ she is going to energise us & boost digestion

Citrine is a stone of the Sun and its healing energies

It brings joy and happiness to families and gatherings

Great to keep in your cash register if you have a business, to encourage cash flow

It brings us health, wealth and prosperity. It does not require cleansing

Keep a piece where your money flows to create wealth

Citrine will also cleanse stones as it holds no negativity within itself

Metaphysically healing for digestive issues, exhaustion, lack of energy, fibromyalgia and bedwetting.

You may use white sage, palo santo smudging or singing bowls to do so, or your preferred method

Place them in Father Sun for an hour or so inside or outside to recharge for next use

This keeps them happy, cleansed and ready to programme for next healing

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