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Walk In Beauty ~ Kelli

Walk In Beauty ~ Kelli

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I’m so proud to share this book with you all. It’s my very first book and I’ve got to say, I never thought I’d become an Author or publish a book at the age of 50!! 

So many of you always said I should write a book, so eventually I did!  Thank you all for your support and your belief in me. I feel very blessed to be able to live my dream everyday. 

Walk in Beauty is here to help you connect with the Universe and Mother Earth. Learn about crystals, healing, reiki energy, spirituality and unlocking your inner intuition.

This book was created to inspire you on your spiritual journey at whatever stage of life you are in. It will open your eyes to the blessings and magick that surrounds you everywhere and will help you gain the confidence to walk your own walk, to the beat of your own drum.

By following the spiritual practices and tips, you will naturally develop a deeper connection with your ancestors and spirit guides, so you can receive their power, healing and eternal love. Once you embark on your spiritual journey, your whole life will change for the better.

My book is easy reading and contains 203 pages. 

If you would like your book signed, I’d be more than happy to do this for you :) Just add a note with your order, so we see it before packing! 

Walk in Beauty, Kelli xx


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