Gemstone Bracelets & Leather Wraps

Healing Bracelets ~ All are 100% gemstones

~ Our handmade bracelets are an easy way to achieve crystal energies in your daily routine

~ We keep them simply made & also have mixed creations based on our healing pouches

~ They are all sage cleansed, charged and full of positive vibes from us to you

~ Costs vary depending on the gemstone beads we use, prices range from $13, $15, or $19/$25 exotics

~ I have included a key word for each healing bracelet energy 

~ Each bracelet is unique when made, and all will slightly vary in their colour and markings

~ We can create a custom for you, providing we have the gemstones in stock, just message us

Shambala Bracelets ~ 100% gemstones with soft adjustable macrame ties

Leather Wraps ~ all are 100% soft dark brown leather with semi precious gemstones

~ After wearing crystal bracelets for a while, I recommend a quick cleanse to remove negative vibes they absorb, this keeps their energies working for you and positive

~ Simple ways to do this may be found in the Information section on our drop down menu