Sterling Silver & Macrame Pendants

All our pendants are Sterling Silver .925

~ They feature genuine cabochon set gemstones

~ Most pendants will be unique from our selection, and not a regular repeated item, so if you love it get it, its unlikely to be created again...

~ Spiritual symbolism or Gypsy style designs 

~ Pendants are measured from the top of their bail to the bottom

~ Macrame pendants feature black soft waxed cotton, the sizes are for cabochon dimensions

~ Gemstones worn on necklaces give us healing energies to our Throat and Heart Chakra

~ As with normal crystals, I recommend giving your pendant a cleanse and charge after wearing it for a while. Simply visit our drop down menu listed Information for various ways to do this 

~ This is an important step to keep your crystals vibrant, charged and working for you