Collection: Yoni Eggs. Shakti Wands. Rollers.

Release your Inner Goddess!

~ Yoni eggs work with our Sacral Chakras to help build our feminine Kundlini energies and rise them through our body

~ Yoni Eggs are a simple way to increase your pelvic floor muscles and bring strength to your muscles

~ When used daily they will bring benefits that are long lasting

~ All our Yoni Eggs are 100% crystal with no dyes or chemicals added

~ They are natural and smoothly polished in a tumbling machine, all are drilled and come with string for ease of use

~ Large 55mm / Medium 45mm / Small 35mm

 Crystal Facial Massage Rollers 

Rose Quartz - Green Aventurine -Red Agate ~ Rhodonite 

~ Naturally simple glowing skin

~ Lymphatic drainage for your facial skin and under eye dark circles or puffiness

~ use morning and night with your favourite serums and moisturisers 

~ place in the fridge to rejuvenate  tired skin, with a cooling effect 


These are created for safe Yoni use and body massage

They are 100% natural /crystal and may be washed before and after use 

Healing energy for our Root and Sacral Chakras, along with emotional well-being, sexual health and relaxation