Tumble Stones & Crystal Chips

This section is our Crystal Dictionary too..

Stones are listed alphabetically from A - Z to make navigation quick and easy

Information and metaphysical properties about a certain crystal, will be found here

We currently have 154 varieties of Tumble stone available 

Tumbled Crystal Stones have been tumbled in a machine for a smooth rounded finish

~ They have even flowing energy and are perfect to carry daily

~ Place on the body for crystal healing and meditation 

~ Place under your pillow at night to receive healing whilst sleeping

~ Perfect to learn and feel new energies to work and heal with

~ Use tumbles to make elixirs and crystal water (we sell elixir pouches) please follow safety instructions!

~ Add water safe crystals, like rose and clear quartz to your bath for healing and infusing the water. This will also cleanse your stones at the same time


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