White Sage/Abalone Shells/Palo Santo/Incense

WHITE SAGE SMUDGE STICKS is traditionally used for all cleansing rituals and healing needs

~ It is widely used in Native American Culture for removing illness, evil and healing rituals

~ For best results, I recommend using and Abalone Shell and Feather

~ Sage will remove negative energy from your surrounds, body, mind & spirit, crystals, pets and everywhere you use the cleansing smoke

PALO SANTO HOLY WOOD is used for cleansing and purifying, it is an alternative to sage 

~ Palo is holy wood that has been ethically sourced from fallen trees. It originates in Peru, with a beautiful aroma and positive energies

~ Palo is used in the same way as White Sage for cleansing and removing negative vibes

ABALONE SHELLS originate from WA & have their own protective energies 

CHAKRA COLLECTION INCENSE WANDS are hand rolled in India and free from toxic additives

~ Use of only natural herbs, wood, resins, floral extracts & essential oils

MOONDANCE INCENSE STICKS are a premium high quality product hand made in India

~ They contain 100% natural ingredients and aroma

~ Use Incense to create ambient surrounds in your home

~ Scents are known to relax our senses and provide de-stressing, use during meditation