Collection: Smudge. Incense. Resin.

WHITE SAGE SMUDGE STICKS is traditionally used for all cleansing rituals, ceremonies, purification and healing needs

It is widely used in Native American Culture for removing illness, evil and healing rituals

For best results, I recommend using and Abalone Shell and Feather this then uses all 4 Elements 

Water ~ The Abalone Shell

Air ~ The feather guiding smoke towards the heavens

Fire ~ The flame and smoke

Earth ~ The sacred herb you are burning 

~ Sage will remove negative energy from your surrounds, body, mind & spirit, crystals, pets and everywhere you use the cleansing smoke

~ Always give thanks to Mother Earth when using your sacred herbs and dispose of them back into the earth, gardens or plants. This is valuable and should not be discarded as waste! 

~ Our sage is authentic and wildcrafted from sustainable harvesting in California USA

PALO SANTO HOLY WOOD is used for cleansing and purifying, it is an alternative to sage 

~ Palo is holy wood that has been ethically sourced from fallen dead trees, hundreds of years old

~ It originates in Peru, with a beautiful sweet woody aroma & positive and good luck energies

~ Palo is used in the same way as Sage for cleansing and removing negative vibes

ABALONE SHELLS originate from WA & have their own protective energies 

FEATHERS ~ all are ethically sourced and cruelty free

INCENSE STICKS ~ all are hand rolled in India and free from toxic additives

~ Use of only natural herbs, wood, resins, floral extracts & essential oils

~ Use Incense to create ambient surrounds in your home

~ Scents are known to relax our senses and provide de-stressing, use during meditation 

SMUDGE BOWLS perfect to contain hot ash and mess and hold your sage stick in place 

RESINS ~ for cleansing, clearing and adding a magickal aroma to your sacred spaces

ROOM SPRAYS ~ organic essential oils for aromatic cleansing and clearing